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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Real Popeye

22-year-old Matthias Schlitte began practicing arm-wrestling when he was
just 16 years old and since then has been training only his right arm
The first time I’ve seen photos of Matthias, I thought he had some sort of
weird medical condition, but it turns out not only is the guy perfectly
healthy, he’s also a young body-building champion. Sure’ he’s not the
first one and I bet he won’t be the last, but what makes him stand up in a
crowd is his incredibly large right arm.
Matthias’ right forearm measures almost 18 inches in circumference, while
his left one is all skinny, just like the rest of the bodybuilder. That’s
actually one of his hidden weapons, opponents see his slim figure and
underestimate him. But when his Popeye arm does its thing, they look at
him with a lot more respect.
Note: For me it is abnormal. What about you guys ..

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