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Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat Slowly, Don’t Be Stuffed!

During the festivities, we may be tempted to over-indulge in all the festive treats. Not to worry, we have some tips for you to avoid over-eating.

Eat slowly and enjoy!
This actually gives your "hunger sensors" time to inform your brain to switch off your hunger pangs. How slow? 20 minutes would be a good start. First, drink a whole glass of water before you start. Then take 10 breaths after you’ve swallowed each spoonful. Include soups for your dinner as a nice warm filler.

Don’t skip meals!
Maintain 3 regular meals a day rather than munching on a cookie or other treats all day. This will also ensure that you are not too hungry and won’t over-eat those delicious lemang and rending meals.

Small is good.
Take smaller servings of dishes that appeal to you. This is especially important at a buffet, where you may want to try everything.

Use a small plate.
Choose a dessert plate for your food. The appearance of a full plate, even if small, gives the mental impression you are eating more than you would if the plate were larger.

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